Previous Award Winners

Sculpture by the Bay

Current Awards

City of Busselton Acquisitive Award

2023  Andrew Thornton-Hick Identity Sentinels, Mark Hampton Armillary Dial

2021  Tony Pankiw Maggie and Kookaburra Face Off

2020 Kane Bluegum  Invisible Influence

2019 Kashmir Rouw  Stone Shell Spiral

2018 Voytek Kozlowski  Right to Be

2017  Greg Gelmi Totem

2016 Greg Gelmi  Embrace

2015 James Horsley  Whine & Dine

2014  Simon James Windblown

2013  Greg Banfield Family of Four 

2012  Dion Jakich Meeting Place

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Braeco Sales Darn Art  Recycling Award

2023 Lesley Barrett Romulus and Remus and the Pack, Commendations: Margaret Rees Size Matters, Shanti Gelmi & Louise Grimshaw Cumulonimbus

2021 Gavin Cochrane  Architeuthis Attacks,  Shelli Green  Dinki Di Dwellings

2020 Dennis Wilson  Magpies’ Melody,  Bob Turner  Seahorse Sentinel

2019 James Horsley  Commotion in the Ocean,   Larissa Izakovic  Colour Wheels

2018  Alan MeyburghNature’s Corridor, Justin Webb Dragged

2017  Justin Webb Pinned,   Richard Aitken  Akin to Nature

2016 Deborah Campbell Alma,   Richard Aitken Rose the Dancer

2015 Justin Webb Industrial Planet

Christian Fletcher Environmental Message Award

2023 Nature’s Atelier  Djinanginy Kaartdjin – Seeing and Understanding

2021 Dennis Wilson  Endangered Species

2020 Simon Youngleson  Alone

2019 Lesley Barrett  The Gale

Private Properties Holiday Homes Story Telling Award 

2023 Greg Banfield  Shorts Too Big

Happs Wines and Commonage Pottery and Gallery Emerging Artist Award

2023 Eli Hellewell E-Motion, Commendations: 2nd Graham Gautrey Oresome Foursome, 3rd Janet Gray Mirren – Go With the Flow

2021  Kevin Singer  Atlas,  2nd Evan Gray  Kanga Anger

2020 Richard Jenkin  Metal Head

2019 Sean Van De Poel  Inflection

2018 Graeme Hall  Temptress,  Wayne Smith  Evolution

2017  Ruth Acton  Evanescent,   Bob Turner  School of Fish with Stingrays at Play

2016 Steiner School  Giant Knitting,   Scott Michell  Succulent Fish,   Christian Farrell  Free

2015  Tim Cawley  Life,   Dave Coghlan  The Parade of Bull Ants

JMW Real Estate People’s Choice Award

2023 Kim Perrier  Freedom

2021 Gavin Cochrane  Architeuthis Attacks, David Barbour The Drifter

2020 Maurice Rosbotham  Seagull with Chip

2019 Daniel Fisher  The Guardian

2018 Tony Heritage  Robofish

2017 Jake Coghlan  The School

2016  James Horsley The Blow-ins

Nature’s Atelier Children’s Choice Award 

2023 Trish Waters Toyworld

2021 Gavin Cochrane  Architeuthis Attacks

Previous Awards

Dianne Laurance Sculptural Excellence Award 

2023 Tuinna Blackie Serendipity, Jake Coghlan Banksia Bull

2021 Shaun Sawbridge Resurgence

2020 Daniel Fisher Dance of the Dryads

2019 Daniel Fisher  The Guardian

2018 Dennis Wilson  Wren’s Reflection

2017 Daniel Fisher  The Alchemist, Dennis Wilson Eagle Eye

2016 Daniel Fisher  Return to Gaia

2015 Voytek Kozlowski  Nuts about You

2014  Richard Aitken Corrugaroo

2013  Kim Marsden The Beast

2012  Bernard Werner Down on his Luck

2011  Voytek Kozlowski  Razor

Dianne Laurance Artists of the Future School Award

2023 Nature’s Atelier   Djinanginy Kaartdjin – Seeing and Understanding, Dunsborough Primary School The Plant Apocolypse

2021 Nature’s Atelier   Dragon Fly, Dunsborough Primary School Covid Cluster

2020 Nature’s Atelier   Snake Skin

Happs Wine Have A Go Award 

2014  Christine Moran, Mark Newman, Neil Jones

2013  Chris Latham, Corrynne & Co, Justin Webb, Martin Costello

2012  Valma Rhodes, Trish Powell, Greg Banfield

Capecare Living Well Award

2021 Brian PlankWestern Grey

Corrynés Soaps DDPA Youth Award 

2015 Kate Rowney   Ammonite

2014  Taylar Bresland Scuba, BSN SHS Nostalgia

Dunsborough Soaps Award 

2018 Greg GelmiMy New Life Blossoms

2017 Alan Meyburgh Trapping Ourselves

2016 Christine Latham   Dingos by the Bay, Merle Davis Tidal Totems

Bendigo Bank People’s Choice Award

2015 James HorsleyWhine and Dine

2014  Trish Waters Fancy Fish

2013  Martin Costello All Frilled Up

DDPA People’s Choice Award

2012  Martin Costello Tom Carrol  Gromit

2011  Greg Banfield Apple and Pear

2010   Paul Hole Eagle, Voytek Kozlowski Double Base and Guitar

Small Sculpture Prize

Current Awards

Cape Constructions Small Sculpture Prize 

2023 Karen Seaman The Long Wait

Exclusive Escapes Special Commendation Award 

2023 Shanti Gelmi  Best Laid Plans

Forest Products Commission Award for Sculptural Excellence in Wood

2023 Richard Aitken The Caw

La Lah Cafe People’s Choice Award

2023 Emily Smith Fruiting Bodies

Previous Awards

Dunsborough Progress Association Small Sculpture Prize 

2021 Paul Fontanini  Casting with Nature – Termites I

Nowgen Building Small Sculpture Prize 

2020 Vicky Small  Pink Salt Lake

2019 Sue Smorthwaite  Hybrid

Dunsborough  Progress Association Special Commendation Award

2021  Greg James Solitary Peace

2020 Lily Mercer  Are We Nearly There Yet?

2019 Vicky Small  Salt

Christian Fletcher Gallery People’s Choice Award 

2021 Val Hornibrook Variegated Shell

2020 James Horsley  King Protea

2019 Greg Banfield  Pants Too Big

2023 City of Busselton Acquisitive Award

2023 Andrew Thornton Hick
Identity Sentinels

2023 Mark Hampton
Armillary Dial



Cape Constructions
Small Sculpture Prize

2023 Karen Seaman
The Long Wait