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2019 Sculpture by the Bay Award Winners

Dianne Laurance Sculptural Excellence Award: Daniel Fisher The Guardian

City of Busselton Acquisitive Award: Kashmir Rouw Stone Shell Spiral

Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Awards: James Horsley Commotion in the Ocean, Larissa Izakovic Colour Wheels

Happs Emerging Artist Award: Sean van de Poel Inflection

Christian Fletcher Environmental Message Award: Lesley Barrett The Gale

JMW Real Estate People’s Choice Award: Daniel Fisher The Guardian

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CITY OF BUSSELTON ACQUISITIVE AWARD 2019 Kashmir Rouw Stone Shell Spiral

Stone Shell Spiral
by Kashmir Rouw
City of Busselton Acquisitive Award

The Guardian
by Daniel Fisher
Dianne Laurance Sculptural Excellence Award
JMW Real Estate People’s Choice Award

The Gale
by Lesley Barrett
Christian Fletcher Environmental Message Award

by Sean van de Poel
Happs Emerging Artist Award

Commotion In The Ocean
by James Horsley
Joint Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award

Colour Wheels
by Larissa Izakovic
Joint Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award

Sculpture by the Bay Gallery. #sculptures #sculpturebythebay #artwork

by Wayne Smith

Sculpture by the Bay Gallery. #sculptures #sculpturebythebay #artwork

And Your Heart Will Fly Away
by Adam English

by Susanne Morphett

The Jewel Christmas Spider
by Nature’s Atelier Childcare Centre

A Need For Speed
by Tony Heritage

Sculpture by the Bay Gallery. #sculptures #sculpturebythebay #artwork

Over The Shoulder
by Ross Hall

by Greg Banfield

Kimberley Resilience
by Corinne Berset

Loggerheads Dichotomy
by Jill Warnock

Seed Of Life
by John Kingdon

Dancing In The Rain
by Greg Strachan

The Museum
by Lyn Ward

by Greg Gelmi

by Chris Harding

Waiting For The Bus
by Kerry Walker

Magic Carpet
by Britta Sorensen

Pass The Salt
by Theresa Townsend

Olivia Jade – Hoping For Rain
by Jodie Ditchburn

The Wattles
by Dennis Wilson

by John Flesher

Horse Of The Sea
by John Sanders

by Tony Davis

Beach Bird
by Patricia Hines

Quantum Evolution
by Tamara Aurora

Hello Possum
by Lily Mercer

Sea Enemies
by Merle Topsi Davis

Peppermint Flavoured Banksias
by Neil Jones

Cast Out Of Society
by Margaret Rees

City Of Light
by Dunsborough Primary School Students

by Richard Aitken

Have You Lost Your Marbles?
by Justin Webb

Funky Fish
by Voytek Kozlowski

by Alan Meyburgh

Our Values
by Our Lady of the Cape Primary School Students

Twisty Treescape
by Emma Headley

A response to Lance Balchin’s ‘Aquatica; A beginners field guide’
by Cornerstone Christian College Primary School Students

It Takes All Sorts
by Anita Revel

The Black Stallion
by Anne Grotian

Catch Of The Day
by Carolyn Thomas

CITY OF BUSSELTON ACQUISITIVE AWARD 2019 Kashmir Rouw Stone Shell Spiral

Stone Shell Spiral
by Kashmir Rouw
Winner of the City of Busselton Acquisitive Award

Sculpture by the Bay wishes to thank  Carol Lewsley, Glenda Nikolic and Chris Harding for the photographs used in this gallery .