Project Description

2019 Small Sculpture Prize Award Winners

NowGen Building by Nick Goode – Award for Sculptural Excellence:  Sue Smorthwaite Hybrid

Dunsborough Progress Association – Special Commendation Award: Vicky Small Salt

Christian Fletcher – People’s Choice Award: Greg Banfield Pants Too Big

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Hybrid by Sue Smorthwaite. NowGen Building by Nick Goode Sculptural Excellence Award 2019

by Sue Smorthwaite
NowGen Building by Nick Goode
Sculptural Excellence Award

by Vicky Small
DPA Highly Commended Award

Pants Too Big
by Greg Banfield
Christian Fletcher People’s Choice Award

Form Devine
by Leonie Ladhams


by Lesley Barrett

Reef Anomalies
by Merle Topsi Davis

Drowning Woman
by Christine Baker

Dive In The Bay
by Michel Bruyer

by Britta Sorensen

Rolling Seas
by Valma Rhodes

by Alan Meyburgh

Study Of Cats
by Anne Grotian

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
by Ross Hall

Bali Bogan
by Chris Tate

Raoul The Owl
by Nita Pratt

by Tamara Aurora

by Brian Golding

Fatty Boombah Dancing
by Neil Jones

Handling Your Wings Of Growth
by Lauren Rudd

by James Horsley

Blood Moon Rising
by Chris Harding

by Tony Davis

Take All The Time You Need
by Anita Revel

by Justin Webb

by Lily Mercer

Dolugup Dragon Dreaming
by Rachel Wyder

Beyond Our Grasping Hand
by Richard Aitken

Lady And Sir Diamond
by Corinne Berset

The Sentinel
by Lyn Ward

by Sue Smorthwaite
Winner of the Inaugural Small Sculpture Prize

Photography of the small sculptures by Christian Fletcher