Project Description

2020 Small Sculpture Prize Award Winners

NowGen Building by Nick Goode – Award for Sculptural Excellence:  Vicky Small  Pink Salt Lake

Dunsborough Progress Association – Special Commendation Award: Lily Mercer Are We Nearly There Yet?

Christian Fletcher Gallery – People’s Choice Award: James Horsley King Protea

Price of unsold works excludes delivery
or installation by the artist
Further information about the small sculptures can be located
in the 2020 SBB and SSP Catalogue

Pink Salt Lake
by Vicky Small
NowGen Building by Nick Goode
Sculptural Excellence Award

Are We Nearly There Yet?
by Lily Mercer
DPA Highly Commended Award

King Protea
by James Horsley
Christian Fletcher People’s Choice Award

by Karen Seaman

The Biospheres
by Kashmir Rouw

Small Footprint
by Anne Grotian

The Only One
by Lee Potter

Of Beauty Rich and Rare
by John Flesher

Ascension Lines
by Kane Bluegum

by Simon Youngleson

Eclectic Love
by Diana Morrell-Kaser

Withered Jarrah Leaf
by Greg Banfield

In Case I Forget
by Sue Smorthwaite

by Chris Harding

Man with a Coat
by Corinne Berset

by John Sanders

by Carol Clitheroe

Gravity Waves
by Justin Webb

Homage to Bonnard
by Penelope Elliott

Coral Shelf
by Colin Pratt

Geographe Bay Whales
by Kay Manolas

From Little Things
by Larissa Izakovic

Plastic Consumption
by Emma Headley

by Lesley Barrett

Mother Nature’s Playground
by Nerissa Milne

Free as  Tern
by Alan Meyburgh

Octavia Owl
by Nita Pratt

Where do the Children Play
by Amber Janwicz

by Francoise Ringer

New Life
by Leonie Ladhams

Quiet Dignity
by Christine Moran

Water Lilies
by Paul Fontanini

by Greg James

Ocean Mist Vessel
by Kate Hopkinson

Catalogue numbers 107, 108, 133, 135 were late withdrawals from the exhibition

Pink Salt Lake
by Vicky Small
Winner of the 2020 Sculpture by the Bay
Small Sculpture Prize

Photography of the small sculptures by Christian Fletcher Gallery