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2015 Award Winners

Laurance Wines Sculpture Award:  Voytek Kozlowski Nuts about You

City of Busselton Acquisitive Award:  James Horsley Whine & Dine

Happs Emerging Artist Award:  Tim Cawley Life & Dave Coghlan The Parade of Bull Ants

Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award:  Justin Webb Industrial Planet

Corrynne’s Soaps/DDPA Youth Award:  Kate Rowney Ammonite

Bendigo Bank People’s Choice Award:  James Horsley Whine & Dine

2015 Sculptures

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Industrial Planet by Justin Webb

Industrial Planet
by Justin Webb
Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award

Nuts about You
by Voytek Kozlowski
Laurance Wines Sculpture Award

The Parade of Bull Ants
by Dave Coghlan
Happs Emerging Artist Award

by Tim Cawley
Happs Emerging Artist Award

by Kate Rowney
Corrynne’s Natural Soaps Youth Award

Whine & Dine by James Horsley

Whine & Dine
by James Horsley
City of Busselton Aquisitive & People’s Choice Awards Winner 

by Greg Strachan

 by Anne Grotian

Over Powered
by Greg Banfield

Jewels of the Sea
by Brigitta Kurmann

Coffee Cheater
by Colin Pratt

Calamari Dinner
by Trisha Powell

by Christopher Harding

Where Oceans Cross
by Birgitta Roelandt

Sea Urchins
by Greg Gilmi

by Margaret Rees

303 Poppies
by Tony Davis

Octopus Blue
by Trish Waters

Little Friends
by Corinne Berset

Sticky Beak
by Tracey Chappell

Sybil the Sassy Sea Serpent
by Busselton Pottery Club

by Deborah Campbell

Turning a New Leaf
by Martin Costello

by Merle Davis

Infinite Possibilities
by Charlie Chop

Galaxy Spider
by Daniel Fisher

by Jake Coghlan

Fantasy from the Sea Bed
by Richard Aitken

by Neil Jones

by Simon James

Of the Sea
by Mertle Green