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Project Description

2016 Award Winners

Dianne Laurance Sculpture Award:  Daniel Fisher Return to Gaia

City of Busselton Acquisitive Award:  Greg Gelmi Embrace

Happs Emerging Artist Awards:  Steiner School Giant Knitting, Scott Michell Succulent Fish & Christian Farrell Free

Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award:  Deborah Campbell Alma & Richard Aitken Rose the Dancer

Dunsborough Soaps:  Merle Davis Tidal Totems & Christine Latham Dingo by the Bay

JMW Real Estate People’s Choice:  James Horsley The Blow-ins

 2016 Sculptures

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Rose the Dancer
by Richard Aitken
Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award 

by Deborah Campbell
Braeco Sales DarnArt Recycling Award

Return to Gaia
by Daniel Fisher
Dianne Laurence Sculpture Award

2016 Embrace by Greg Gelmi

by Greg Gelmi
City of Busselton Aquisitive Award

2016 Giant Knitting by Yallingup Steiner School Students

Giant Knitting
by Yallingup Steiner School Students
Happs Emerging Artist Award

by Christian Farrell
Happs Emerging Artist Award

A Succulent Piece of Fish
by Scott Michel
Happs Emerging Artist Award

Dingo by the Bay
by Chris Latham
Dunsborough Soaps Award

Tidal Totems
by Merle Davis
Dunsborough Soaps Award

The Blow Ins
by James Horsley
JMW Real Estate People’s Choice Award

by Dave Coghlan

by Corinne Berset

Roll Out the Barrell
by Greg Banfield


Only the Ocean
by Dale Bentley

Nesting Birdform II
by Christopher Harding

Spirit Totem
by Kerry Gelmi

Tree of Life
by Dunsborough Primary School Students

by Anne Grotian

Almost There
by Voytek Kozlowski

by Jake Coghlan

by Neil Jones

Bush Buddies go to the Beach
by Lily Mercer

Coffee ‘n Cupcakes
by Nita Pratt

Woven Reflections
by Emma Headley

I’m Lichen You
by Nic Mickle

Catching Frozen Dreams
by Birgitta Roelandt

by Helen Seiver

Fish Out of Water
by Nicola Rota

Dream Writer
by Greg Strachan

by Sue Smorthwaite

White Peacock
by Kallie Turner

Café Queen
by Chris Tate

Like the Wind
by Justin Webb