Sculpture by the Bay’s, hereafter SBB, privacy policy is based on, and is consistent with, the National Principles of the Fair Handling of Personal Information, published by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. The National Principles may be viewed on the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s website at

What information we collect:

  1. On our website, if you submit a Contact Form, we will collect your name, email and a contact number.
  2. On our website, if you submit an Entry Form, we will collect your name, email, suburb and contact numbers.
  3. Photographic images of your artwork may be used on this website for future promotion of our event.

When you contact us via this website or email the information you include will only be used to contact you in reply to your inquiry. No information will be released to any third party without your consent, unless SBB is compelled to do so by law.

SBB will never sell any information about individuals to anyone else, nor will it disclose this information overseas. The information collected in our Contact Form and Entry Forms will be retained in a secure email account on a secure server.

We may periodically run surveys linked from the website to third party Survey providers, and from these we will collect names, contact numbers and postcodes.

We do not collect any sensitive information about individuals.

By writing to us, you can make a request to correct or delete any information we hold about you.

Any such request should be made to us by email at

Revised 11th February 2021